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Pressed Wood Logs and Stove Pellets
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Firewood firewood

Offering the following Species of Firewood:

firewoodHARDWOOD –Sold as either by specie or as a mix

  • Oak  (All sub Species: Live Oak, Red Oak, Blue Oak, Black Oak, etc)
  • Madrone
  • Bay Laurel or also known as “Pepperwood”
  • Eucalyptus
  • Walnut
  • Almond


SOFTWOODS                   Urban Species

  • Pine & Fir                  Ash, Locust, Sycamore, etc, or Species as accumulated


Friendly to the Environment

All Seasons has teamed up with Tree Service Companies to accept wood that has been produced during Trimming, etc. By taking this wood and converting it to Firewood before it makes it to the chipper adds an eco friendly benefit. At least 20% of All Seasons Firewood is Recycled or Rescued wood. All Seasons also utilizes fruitwood such as Almond, Cherry, & Walnut as a product of Orchard Removal in the San Joaquin Valley.


firewoodWood Sizes & Quantities

All Seasons normally cuts the wood to 16” (in) long and average diameter of 4X4 (in). Custom sizes can be cut by order. Wood purchase and delivery are arranged by appointment and can be either picked up in our yard or delivered to your home for a small fee. We sell full cords, ½ cords, ¼ cords, and Campfire wood.