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Catering to Pizza Ovens

Pizza Oven

In the past year, All Seasons has been working with a new type of customer. Living in Wine Country has many perks and enjoying food with wine is one of them. Pizza Ovens are popping up everywhere - The ambiance, food and fun are happening in people's back yards! The Pizza Oven customer requires specially processed and dried wood designed to give you even heat with those flavor nuances of different types of woods. The uses of these ovens are numerous - as Simple as flatbread to roasting meats and cooking fish & vegetables. For pizza oven wood needs, call All Seasons and let us know how we can help you. It's good to note that not just any type of wood will work in your oven. The Pizza Oven wood is specially selected for dryness, and then is seperated by type and then is processed into the proper type of wood that will be problem free for your cooking enjoyment.