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High Energy Firelogs & Blazer Wood Stove Pellets

All Seasons is happy to have the opportunity to provide alternative materials as a means to give a choice to the consumer. By providing these products, people can review these through experimentation & comparison while feeling better about burning wood products.

For many burning wood is an essential way to stay warm especially given rising fuel and energy costs. All Seasons is aware that many folks are working diligently to maintain a “Green” lifestyle by choosing eco-friendly options that are efficient and not so hard on the environment. A simple comparison using these products may seem to answer your questions, but one fact remains between the use of Firewood and Pressed Wood products – that is compare the cost of Btu’s (British Thermal units – unit of measure used to measure heat) by simply looking at what you get from your dollar!


High Energy Firelogs

The High Energy Firelog is a pressed wood log that weighs 5 lbs and produces approximately 40,000 btu’s and can burn as long as 1-2 hrs depending on your burning fixture efficiency – Woodstove, Fireplace, etc.

These densified Wood Firelogs are versatile to use and burn a bit differently than firewood. The main difference is in the way you start them and the way that they burn. To start these logs, you can do it the easy way and add them to an existing wood fire or break off some wafers and create a pyramid shape and place a piece of fire starter in the center. There are several types of fire starter on the market choose what will work best for you. Once you get a good starter fire, add additional chunks of High Energy Firelogs and wait for the Heat! After some experience you may see that these are better than Firewood.


Benefits of High Energy Firelogs:

  • Cleaner Burning: 50% less emissions which means less Smoke
  • Clean to use: There are no bugs or debris with Firelogs; also they 99% combustible which means very little ash when burning these logs
  • Natural: These Firelogs are made from 100% wood - No Preservatives
  • More Efficient: High Energy Firelogs are dry - Since they are dry, energy isn’t wasted in the burning process as it would be with semi-dry firewood.
  • Compact Storage: A ton of these Firelogs will store in a fraction of the area for a cord of wood. They must be kept in a dry location away from direct contact with water.
  • Better Value: You know what you get with High Energy Firelogs compared to Firewood. Cord wood can vary in quantity, moisture content, and heat content. High Energy Firelogs will produce efficient heat measured in each log.
  • Safe to Use: These Firelogs are approved by the Mfg for all woodstoves and Fireplaces.
  • Renewable Resource: These Firelogs are produced from recycled Sawdust and wood fiber that mostly comes from Sawmill production. There is only 100% wood in these Firelogs without any plastic, wax or Petroleum products.

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Blazer Premium Wood Stove Pellets

Blazer Woodstove Pellets are made from 100% wood like the High Energy Firelogs, and are produced under strict quality standards. West Oregon Wood Products, the Blazer Pellet manufacturer has joined other manufacturers in the industry to form the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) a voluntary industry group formed to test and inspect the quality of manufactured wood products. Blazer Pellets are randomly tested to ensure quality standards for “Premium” grading standards used in Woodstove Pellets.

As many Pellet Stove users know, Woodstove pellets can vary in quality. There are many producers who make pellets and consumers who continually use pellets soon discover the high quality when burning BLAZER Woodstove pellets as compared to others products.

Blazer Woodstove pellets are produced under strict standards which equate into benefits such as being known for: Consistent Size & Quality: Will not crumble or “Clink” and clog your stove’s auger, also Clean Burning & Dry: Blazer Pellets are low ash producing, which means less time spent dumping ashes. Finally they are precisely dried, saving the heat producing volatile components while making them easy to start and
efficient heat producers. Blazer pellets are also made from Sawdust and wood waste generated from sawmills that makes it a recycled product.

Occasionally Woodstove Pellets can become scarce because of varying supplies of wood fiber. There have been many pellet stoves manufactured but the supply of pellets may vary from year-to-year. It is recommended that if you have a Pellet stove that you order early for the best price and selection.

Blazer Exceeds Quality Standards – Giving the Pellet Stove Customer a Better Value


  Blazer PFI Standards
BTU Value 8500-8900 8000 minimum
ASH .2%-.3% .1% minimum
Density 42 lbs/cu ft 40 lbs/cu ft
Diameter 1/4 '' 1/4 '' - 5/16 ''
Moisture 6% 8% maximum
Material 100% softwood 97% wood


Try Blazer and become convinced that you are burning the best Quality and efficient pellets!

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